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Consultation with Tom Wahl & Kathy Dice

We do not do tree planting or landscape design, but we can save you years of frustration and thousands of dollars as we share the knowledge we have gained with over 30+ years of tree planting, care, management and production. We are one of the few Midwest farmers making a living solely from our trees.

We can answer quick questions (less than 15 minutes on the phone) or give in depth consultations. First we ask about your goals and visions. We research your land. Then we offer advice to help you to choose planting sites, species, and varieties. We give you insights on the best planting and management techniques for chestnuts, pawpaw, persimmons and other perennial crops.

Our insights are most valuable for landowners in the Midwest who want to earn an income from their land in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. We also offer advice to families who have a goal of self-sufficiency. We will strive to give you the best possible advice, but cannot guarantee success in your landscape as there are too many variables involved that are beyond our control (your actions and the weather)


Phone Calls – Your first 15 minutes is free, but after that the meter starts running at $100/hour, charged in quarter hour increments. It is always best to do research before you call. If you ask concise questions and you can get good advice at no cost. After the 15 minutes, Kathy will request a billing address and/or a credit card number.

Late October into December is a good time to visit Red Fern Farm. You can also come during the You-pick season, but guided tours are not an option then.

Red Fern Farm Visit – We welcome self-guided tours of our farm for a $20 fee. For the $20 you get a map and a brief (10 minute) visit with Tom or Kathy. Longer visits or requests of a guided tour begin the $100/hour consulting rate.

Tom Wahl talking about shelters at Red Fern Farm
Tom Wahl talking about shelters at Red Fern Farm

In Person Visit at Red Fern Farm – This can be part of a farm tour and be very cost effective. Bring soil maps, aerial photos or any other resource material about your land. Tom will sit down with you for an in-depth discussion of your goals and what would be best for you and your land. This is also $100/hour in quarter hour increments.

Your Site Visits – The duration of a visit varies from site to site depending on your needs. Our rate is $100.00/hour with a one hour minimum and additional time calculated in quarter hour increments. There is no charge for travel with a 15 mile radius of Grandview, Iowa. Beyond that radius, mileage will be charged at the current federal IRS rate from Grandview, Iowa and half the travel time as well at $25/hour rate.  Many planning designs can be handled through a phone call or a visit to Red Fern Farm.

4 thoughts on “Consultation with Tom Wahl & Kathy Dice”

  1. Hello,
    My name is Eric Thompson
    Alvin Texas 77511
    I ordered some chestnuts from you about a month ago. I’m writing you to tell you when I’ll have time to plant them. I have a farm which is about 3 hours north of the address I wrote above. I’ll leave my address on the Wednesday the day before thanksgiving. I have my vacation scheduled the whole next week after thanksgiving. If possible I would like to have my chestnuts before I leave on the 23 of November.

    1. Eric,
      Please email me at so we can see what we can work out. We generally will not take orders over the phone or through email until the Monday after we open up for orders. I try to spend the time before with family for Thanksgiving. Tom will also try to reach out to you with a phone call.

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