Plantra Tree Shelters – 5 foot, ventilated


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We Do Not ship shelters!

Plantra prices have been rising. If you delay paying for a shelter order,  or only put down a deposit,  and the prices from Plantra increase, you will be charged the higher price.  Once you have paid in full for your shelter order, the price is locked in. Please pay in full promptly to lock in your price.

Don’t plant trees without some kind of shelters. These 5 foot shelters from are excellent. They are solid with ventilation. When a tree grows out the top of a 5 foot shelter, the branches are out of reach of deer. The tube will also protect the tree from herbicide spray, rabbits, and clumsy feet. A mower can take down the shelter, but at least it is clear where the tree is located.
Great for chestnuts, persimmon, ect. You can cut up one 5 foot shelter to make 3 shelters for pawpaws, 18 inches tall.

Each 5 foot shelter comes with ties and bluebird netting. No stakes included.

This price is for pickup at our farm. We can arranged shipping to your farm from the Plantra factory for very large  orders. Call or email us to find out what the minimum is now for “drop shipping”.

Warning! If you order shelters expecting them to be shipped, you will NOT receive a full refund. (Card vendors keep their processing fee.)


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