Chestnut Seed Nuts – Sold Out


Seed nuts for growing Chinese chestnut seedlings. Mother trees are named grafted varieties or superb seedlings.

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Placing seed chestnuts in a sprouting tray for overwintering.

Note for Fall of 2021: The Center for Agroforestry –
University of Missouri will be selling seed nuts this Fall.  If you see we offer that variety from our nursery as trees, you know if can grow fine in zone 5. We will Not be selling seed from our trees collected fall of 2021.

Price Jump? Yes. The demand for chestnut seed nuts, especially of good quality, has greatly increased the past 3 years.

When we do sell seed…Our chestnut seed nuts  are collected daily from mother trees of named grafted varieties or superb seedlings each Fall. The nuts are kept at high moisture content and shipped in November in plastic bags in a small amount of growing medium. We ship using United States Postal Service flat rate boxes. Due to the danger of freezing temperatures and the tendency of chestnuts to start sprouting in January, we only ship seed nuts in November. 
We are taking orders now for seed nuts   collected this coming fall.  For information about each variety below, please check out the chestnuts category of trees for sale.

Seeds we may offer from our  superior named seedlings:
Large Badger, Red Fern Super & Resilient

Orders for seed nuts should usually be placed before November 1.

We will fill request in the order that orders and deposits are received.  We will refund any orders we cannot fulfill.

Seed, Chestnut Planting Instructions

Shipping costs are not included in the $15/pound charge. Costs for shipping are approximately $15 for up to 9 pounds and $20 for 10 to 20 pounds. We will ship in multiple boxes.

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Gideon, Resilient, Badger Qing, BadgerQing


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