Pear, European Scion Wood – Closed for 2024


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Note: scion wood is NOT a  tree
We offer high quality scion wood for grafting at $5/stick (8 inches). Quantities of some varieties are limited. Scion wood will be carefully labeled and shipped early spring. Call or email for clarification about shipping times. Some scion wood will be shipped while actively growing for green-wood grafting. Detailed grafting instructions are also available at our website.

Deadline for orders February 28

Pear, European:
Ayers—Large, fine-flavored pear with high blight resistance
Comice—Large, high-quality pear, moderate blight resistance
Concorde—Large pear with excellent flavor, texture, blight resistance
Gourmet—hybrid pear, crunchy like Asian but with European flavor
Honeysweet—Seckel seedling with similar flavor, but larger size, good blight resistance
Lincoln—Heritage pear with large size, somewhat odd shape, banana-like flavor, blight resistant
Lucious—Extra cold hardy, small-medium sized fruit with excellent flavor, won’t pollinize other pears
Maxine—Large fruit, good flavor, blight resistant
Magness—Seedling of Seckel with similar flavor, but large sized, very blight resistant
Summercrisp—Cold hardy hybrid with Asian crunchiness, European flavor

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Ayers, Comptessa, Comice, Concorde, Gourmet, Honeysweet, Lincoln, Luscious, Magness, Maxine, Staceyville, Summercrisp


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