Pawpaw Seed – Coming for 2020

Seeds for growing pawpaw seedlings. Mother trees are named grafted varieties or superb seedlings.

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This is the same high quality seed we germinate  in our nursery to grow our pawpaw seedlings. We separate pawpaw seed from fully ripe fruit and keep the cleaned  seed moist and refrigerated. There may be 80 to 120 seeds to one pound.

Scooping flesh from ripe pawpaw.
Scooping flesh from ripe pawpaw.

We ship pawpaw seed November – March. These sturdy seeds are not harmed by freezing temperatures and do not sprout early.  We have only very limited amounts of pawpaw seed.  The mixed cultivar/varietal category includes many cultivar varieties that were not labeled.

Mixed Cultivar/Varietal: Seed of grafted varieties and superior seedlings that we find due well in southeast Iowa and whose flavor we enjoy.  $38/pound,  $25/half pound,  $20/quarter pound, 50 cents/seed

Shensus  Seeds: These seeds have either Shenandoah or Susquehanna as their mother tree and Shenandoah or Susquehanna as the pollinizer tree. Seedlings of these crosses have produced some outstanding new genetics (Regulus, Atria, Betria). $45/pound,  $30/half pound,  $25/quarter pound

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Mixed/Varietal, Shensus


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