Pawpaw Seed – Closed for Spring 2024


Seeds for growing pawpaw seedlings. Mother trees are named grafted varieties or superb seedlings.

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 2023 changes  We continue to offer pawpaw seed harvesting at our farm through you pick.

Scooping flesh from ripe pawpaw.
Scooping flesh from ripe pawpaw.

We allow people interested in harvesting for seed to come to our farm to harvest. Maps  will be provided. You are allowed to gather fruit from any tree.   Call 319-729-5905 or email to schedule a harvest date. We do allow primitive camping in our groves to facilitate multiple days of harvest when you make purchases totaling $40/day or more.

We will also have pawpaw seed to sell from our website this year. There are 325 to 350 seeds/pound or around 20 to 22/ounce. All seeds were taken from fruit harvested on our farm September and October of 2023. We take fruit from grafted trees and outstanding seedlings. Our pollen cloud for pawpaws is excellent.

The seed were kept moist and cool after being separated from the ripe fruit. This seed was in excellent condition when we mailed it. We have no control over the postal service or your care. We do NOT guarantee these seeds.  Please read the pawpaw seed care page to see how we successfully germinated this seed for our tree nursery. For 2023 we are offering FREE SHIPPING  on our pawpaw seeds. All seeds are sold individually. Because of quarantines and/or distance we do not ship to the states of  Hawaii, Florida, California, Alaska, Oregon and Washington.

Maturing fruit of 'Canopus'
Huge crop of pawpaw fruit on Canopus tree.

Canopus – New variety, very large fruit size, low seed, excellent flavor, very heavy production, ripens late in the season. Developed at Red Fern Farm. $5/seed.

Asterion – New variety. Fruit up to 1.6 pounds without thinning. Fruit also has low seed content, excellent flavor, heavy production, and ripens late in the season. Developed at Red Fern Farm. $10/seed.

Polar –  Seed from a hand pollinated cross between a pawpaw from Northfield, MN and another from southwest Iowa. Expected to be very cold-hardy. – Not available 2023

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Canopus, Asterion, Polar


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