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The pawpaw or “prairie banana” has a 4 – 6 inch long fruit that resembles a green potato, but with a rich banana/mango – like flavor. Demand for fruit exceeds supply. It is hard to believe a fruit with such a wonderful tropical-fruit flavor can grow in Iowa. When small, these trees are very fragile and need tender loving care. (including mulch and tree shelter) to get established. ( PawPaw Special Instructions)  Two trees are needed for cross pollination. We have two different strains of seedlings available  in 9 inch tall pots. The potted trees will not be available till Late July or August. We DO NOT SHIP potted trees.
Varietal Pawpaw Seedlings: These seedlings are open pollinated with grafted varieties such as  ‘NC1’, ‘Pennsylvania Golden’, ‘Taytwo’, ‘Prolific’,  ‘Shenandoah’, ‘Susquehanna’ and ‘Overlease’  as their mother tree.

Shensus Pawpaw Seedlings: These seedlings have either Shenandoah or Susquehanna as their mother tree and Shenandoah or Susquehanna as the pollinizer tree. Seedlings of their crosses have produced some outstanding new genetics (Regulus, Atria, Betria).

Small, Medium and Large Pawpaws: We also now offer three sizes of  pawpaws.
Large pawpaws will be over 12 inches tall and in a 9 inch tall pot, 4 x 4 inches square.
Medium pawpaws will be 8 to 12 inches tall and also in a 9 inch tall pot, 4 x 4 inches square.
Small pawpaws will be under 8 inches tall and in a small pot.

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Shensus, Varietal


Large, Medium, Small


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