Hickory/Pecan Scionwood – Sold Out


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Note: scion wood is NOT a tree
We offer high quality scion wood at $5/stick (8 inches). Quantities of some varieties are limited. Scion wood will be carefully labeled and shipped early spring, late March to early April depending on Spring weather. Call or email for clarification about shipping times. Detailed grafting instructions are also available at our website.

Deadline for ordering nut scionwood is March 31

Yoder #1—Shagbark, large nut, thin shell, good cracking quality
Henry—Shellbark, very large nut, thick shell, but good cracking quality
Fayette—Small nut for a shellbark, but very thin shell and good cracking quality
CES 24—Large, thin shelled shellbark
Marquardt—Pecan X shellbark hybrid, large nut
Burton—Pecan X shagbark hybrid, small, thin shelled nut
Etter—shagbark, small but very thin shelled nut with good cracking quality

Hark—Very large, high quality nut for a northern pecan, from western Illinois
Pawnee—Very large, early-ripening nut for northern part of commercial pecan region. Nuts are 10 – 12 grams each. Ripens in southern Iowa most years.
Walker I—Very large nut, early ripening, from Morning Sun, IA
NC4—Medium/large, high quality nut from Ontario, CA

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Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 8 × .25 × .25 in

CES 24, Etter, Fayette, Hark, NC4, Pawnee, Walker I, Yoder #1


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