Heartnut (Juglans ailantifolia) Closed for 2020


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Heartnut is a genetic mutation of the Japanese walnut. The mutation produces a flattened, Valentine-heart shaped nut which cracks and releases the kernel easily. The kernel is the sweetest and mildest-tasting of all the walnuts. Heartnuts are variable, but tend to be precocious and heavy bearing, and preliminary indications suggest they may be resistant to Thousand Canker Disease.

Not all heartnut seedlings will grow into trees that produce heartnuts. Many will “revert back to wild type” and produce only the normal Japanese walnut, which is rounded, thick-shelled, difficult to crack, and commercially worthless. It may be necessary to plant several to get a single good one. Quantities are limited. 12 – 18 inch tall seedlings in 9 x 4 x 4 inch pots. Zones 5 – 6. No quantity discounts.

Potted or Bare-rooted Seedlings $6.00
( bare-root sold out for 2019)

(Available potted July-Aug., bare-root April only)

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Bare-rooted or Potted

Bare-rooted, Available April only, Potted, Available June, July & August


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