Hazel Seed Nuts


Seed nuts for growing hazel seedlings. Mother bushes are hybrid hazels of American X European.

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sprouted hazel, closeup
sprouted hazel, closeup

These hybrid hazel seed nuts were harvested from bushes that produce good quantities of high quality nuts. These are the seed nuts we used at our nursery to create our hazel seedlings.

We take orders  for hazel seed nuts to be collected each fall. We recommend placing orders before  August 31. The seed nuts will be shipped August – November of the year they are harvested. These will be unhusked  hazels sold by the pound.  $10 / Pound

Do Not Freeze seeds. Hazel Seed Nut Planting Instructions

Shipping costs are not included in the $10/pound charge.  1 – 8 pounds of hazels will ship for $16.00, 9 to 15 pounds will ship for $25.00. Feel free to email kathy@redfernfarm.com for an estimate on other shipping cost.

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