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Pawpaw cluster
Cluster of ripening pawpaws.

Our freeze dried pawpaw was  grown, harvested and processed on our farm.

Pawpaws are a delicious tropical-tasting fruit native to North America. Many people taste banana with over tones of mango, pineapple or cantaloupe when they try fresh pawpaw. All ripe pawpaw is very perishable, lasting only a few weeks even when refrigerated. Drying causes the pawpaw flesh to oxidize and produce unpleasant flavors and chemicals. Freezing is the only way to preserve pawpaw long term.

Freeze drying allows frozen pawpaw to be dried without oxidation. The texture is crunchy instead of custardy, but the flavor is like tree ripened pawpaw. Delicious!

Eating pawpaw does cause gastric distress for some people. Vomiting and diarrhea can happen when consuming fresh or freeze dried pawpaw. Because our pawpaw is concentrated, please limit yourself to less than .25 ounces on your first try. Less is even better.

Scooping flesh from ripe pawpaw.
Scooping flesh from ripe pawpaw.

We harvest ripe pawpaw that has a beautiful yellow, custardy interior. We do not process pawpaw that has reached the caramelly sweet stage. We utilize a Robot Coupe to separate, gently, the seed from the pulp. No pawpaw skin enters the Robot Coupe during the process. We then quickly freeze the resulting puree and freeze dry it when frozen. Our freeze dried pawpaw is quickly bagged with an oxygen absorber in  a climate controlled room to minimize oxidation. If the bag is opened in a warm, humid environment, the pawpaw  will start to rehydrate and oxidize. This becomes your excuse to quickly devour the entire bag of this healthy, delicious food. Enjoy!

The pawpaw can also be rehydrated into smoothies or other recipes. Each bag contains at least 2 ounces of freeze dried pawpaw in a recloseable mylar bag.

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