Plantra Fiberglass Tree Stake



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(prices subject to change depending on suppliers)
These  74 inch long fiberglass SunFlex™ stakes are designed to flex slightly in the wind, helping to grow a sturdier  tree trunk.  They are durable, virtually unbreakable, and reusable. The triangular design

Ends of fiberglass stakes for tree shelters

of the stake allows for flexing in 3 directions without creating a hole at the base of the stake.

This price is for pickup at our farm. These shelters and stakes are also available from Their price will be higher for  quantities less than 500.  Our price state above (no quantity discount) is when picked up at our farm.

Warning! If you order shelters or stakes expecting them to be shipped, you will NOT receive a full refund. (PayPal keeps their processing fee.)


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