Chinese Chestnut Seedlings – Sold Out


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We are sold out of chestnuts, but you can get more excellent trees at Canopy Farm Management. ( ). Red Fern Farm is  retiring from the nursery business. We do offer our expertise for consultation. Learn about consulting with Tom Wahl.

These potted trees are grown from seed each Spring. They are available to leave the nursery when they have developed a good root system. The trees growing in smaller pots will be ready sooner than the the trees growing in larger pots.  The smaller potted trees will have smaller root systems and tops but will be available a month before the larger sized pots. They are also cheaper for us to grow, thus the lower price. The larger potted trees will have a more robust root system and larger tops.  Smaller potted trees will have limited availability. The deadline for picking up orders of small potted trees is June 30. The deadline picking up orders for medium potted trees is August 31.

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