Chestnut Hybrid – Luvall’s Monster x Giant Badger I – Sold Out


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This is the longest name for any of our varieties so far. These seedlings are the result of hand pollinating Luvall’s Monster flowers with pollen from Giant Badger I catkins. Despite Luvall’s Monster seedlings tendency to be pollen sterile, at least half of these seedlings may be pollen fertile. These superior genetics and labor intensive process are part of the $15.00 price for each tree.

Luvall’s Monster:  a pollen-sterile American hybrid (parents look like ¾ American) that produces monstrously large nuts and is one of the most heavy-bearing of all chestnuts.  Luvall’s Monster and its seedlings are extremely cold-hardy (at least zone 4b), but somewhat blight susceptible.  Makes an excellent parent for breeding projects.

Giant Badger I: This  tree is a  blight-resistant Chinese X American hybrid tree with genetics coming from southeast Minnesota – zone 4b.  It is a heavy-bearer of extra-large nuts averaging over 12 grams, maximum up to 24 grams per nut.

We sell these trees as potted or bare-rooted. Potted trees are grown from seed each Spring and are available to leave the nursery when they have developed a good root system. Usually potted trees may leave the nursery by late June. Bare-rooted trees are grown in a special bed for maximum root development all summer. They are dug and bundled in late November for shipping the following April. We ship these trees in April while they are still dormant.

Price for Bare-rooted, less than 24 inches tall (April only)
or Potted (available June – September at the farm)
$15.00 each.

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Bare-Rooted Size

Bare-rooted, less than 24 inches tall, Bare-rooted, more than 24 inches tall, Potted