American Persimmon – Seed (Diospiros virginiana) – Sold Out


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American persimmon seed
American persimmon seed

This is the same high quality seed we germinate  in our nursery to grow our American persimmon seedlings. We keep the cleaned  seed moist and refrigerated. There may be 500 to 700 seeds to one pound.

We ship persimmon seed November – March.    We have only limited amounts of persimmon seed.  $35/pound for specific strains, $30/pound for mix.

SAA Piper seed: The mother tree has large, high quality fruit. The seedlings are the most cold hardy we know. Pollinizer was Zsukis.

Wapello seed: ( sold out for 2020) This mother tree  located in Wapello, Iowa is  a wild tree. It  has very heavy fruit production. The fruit drops gradually through the winter. Great for wildlife or livestock feed. Seedlings of this tree also make exceptionally great root stocks for grafting persimmons.

Lehman’s Delight, AKA “100-46” seed (sold out for 2020) Fruit size nearly as large as Prok, thick-skinned, late-ripening, excellent flavor.

Yates seed: Very large fruit, up to 2 ½” diameter, with early ripening and excellent flavor.

Prok seed: (now sold out for 2020) Largest fruit of any American persimmon, up to 3” diameter. Very early ripening, excellent flavor/fruit quality.

Mixed seed: A mixture of the varieties above plus H-120, A-118, WS-810, Lena, Osage, and a few others.

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SAAP, Wapello, Yates, Prok, Mixed


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