American Persimmon – Seedlings (Diospiros virginiana) – Closed for 2022


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The American Persimmon is native to the southeast 1/2 of the United States. They are hardy to about –30°F. The trees produce abundant crops of 1” – 2” diameter fruits, but only on female trees. Seedlings can not be sexed until they reach about 4’ to 5’ tall (about 3 to 4 years old). The fruits are among the sweetest in the world, and inspired the scientific name for the tree which means “food for the gods”. May need second tree for cross pollination. Zone 5b – 10. We have a mix of seedlings from superior grafted varieties and one unique local seedling  (Wapello). The seedlings are about 6 inches tall in 9 x 2 7/8 x 2 7/8 inches pots. You can indicate which strain you are interested in. We only have a limited number of each seedling strain, so please let us know if you are willing to take substitutions. Also tell us if you only want one strain. These persimmon seedlings will be available in late summer. We DO NOT SHIP potted trees.

SAA Piper Mother Tree: This mother tree has large, high quality fruit. The seedlings are the most cold hardy available. Pollinizer will be Zsukis.

Wapello Mother Tree:  This mother tree (a wild tree) has very heavy fruit production. The fruit drops gradually through the winter. Great for wildlife or livestock feed. Seedlings of this tree also make exceptionally great root stocks for grafting persimmons.

Yates:  Very large fruit, up to 2 ½” diameter, with early ripening and excellent flavor.

Prok: Largest fruit of any American persimmon, up to 3” diameter. Very early ripening, excellent flavor/fruit quality.

Potted Seedling Persimmons available  late July – August 31

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Prok, SAAP, Wapello, Yates


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