Chestnut Tree Seedlings

We are retiring from the nursery business, but you can get more excellent trees at Canopy Farm Management. ( )
Canopy has been purchasing our seed nuts and seed from other excellent sources. They are utilizing our good tree growing practices and developing some of their own.

For orders going out in 2023:
Pot sizes: We offer some of our chestnuts in smaller, narrower pots. These pots are still 9 inches tall for excellent root development, but are only 2 7/8 x 2 7/8 inches square at the top instead of 4 x 4 inches square like our medium size pots. This should allow the roots to fill in the smaller pots sooner and thus the trees will be ready to leave our nursery earlier in the summer. It also means the pots will dry out quicker and the tops can quickly out grow the capacity of the pots. The chestnut trees grown in these smaller pots will need to be picked up from our nursery by June 31.
We require a 25% deposit to reserve your trees. This deposit is lost if you cancel your order after January 15. We understand stuff happens. If you need to cancel your order after January 15, call us and explain. If we can find a new purchaser for your trees, we may only charge a 10% restocking fee. The earlier you cancel or change the order, the easier it is for us to find new customers and the less we will charge you for changing your order.

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