Chestnut Tree Seedlings

The May freezes the Spring of 2020 affected what we have available to grow 2021. We will not be able to offer many of our own selections this year (Red Fern Super, QingSu)
We do have seedlings of some of the very best cultivars available. Although “open pollinated”, their most likely pollenizers are other good Chinese cultivars. This greatly increases the likelihood that the seedlings will be as good or even better than their parents. We fully expect that many new, superior cultivars will result form these seedlings.
The varieties we have for sell below have brief descriptions of the parent trees. These seedling trees are for pick up early summer through August 31. They are in 9 inch tall pots. We have no bare-rooted chestnut trees available for shipping. Order early to reserve your trees.
Pot sizes for 2021: We are offering some of our chestnuts in smaller, narrower pots. These pots are still 9 inches tall for excellent root development, but are only 2 7/8 x 2 7/8 inches square at the top instead of 4 x 4 inches square like our medium size pots. This should allow the roots to fill in the smaller pots sooner and thus the trees will be ready to leave our nursery earlier in the summer. It also means the pots will dry out quicker and the tops can quickly out grow the capacity of the pots. The chestnut trees grown in these smaller pots will need to be picked up from our nursery by June 31.
We offer quantity discounts when you order the same variety of chestnuts. You cannot combine orders of different varieties to reach a discount price. Example 60 Mossbarger and 60 Qing would cost you the 10 – 99 price for each, not the 100 or more price for each.

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