Chestnut Tree Seedlings

Chinese chestnuts (Castanea mollisima) can be grown just about anywhere with well-drained, slightly acidic soil, from zone 4 through zone 9. Chestnuts are a much-in-demand, high value crop, both worldwide and in the US. Wholesale prices to growers in the Midwest average over $2.00 per pound; $6.00 per pound for certified organic. Well managed trees in the Midwest can average 3,500 – 4,000 pounds per acre by 15 years of age on a good site. They can be easily adapted to a system of production without chemicals or expensive machines.
We have seedlings of the very best cultivars and some Superior seedlings available. Although the rest are “open pollinated,” their most likely pollenizers are other good Chinese cultivars. This greatly increases the likelihood that the seedlings will be as good or even better than their parents. We fully expect that many new, superior cultivars will result form these seedlings.
We have small quantities of other seedling varieties not listed on our website. You can call or email to ask about their availability.

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