Planting Instructions

Twenty minute planting video of Tom Wahl planting potted persimmon and pawpaw trees. Tom shows the use of landscape fabric, wood mulch and tree shelters with this video.

Not sure if you can grow or plant one of these unique trees or shrubs? Check out the information below to see what you are getting into.

Potted Tree Planting Guide

Having trouble keeping dirt around the roots of a potted tree as you plant it? Check out the technique developed by AJ Palmgren to keep all the dirt around your roots in this Root Forms video

Chestnuts, Briefly how to plant and establish

Chestnut Seed: handling and planting

Plantra Tree shelter Handout

Pawpaw Special Instructions

Pawpaw seed care

Care of potted trees, in pots from Red Fern Farm (delayed planting)

Chestnuts, bare-root instructions

Planting Bareroot trees

Goldenseal Root Planting Instructions

Comfrey Root Planting Instructions