Barn door graft


Grafting is something anyone can learn. Some species are easier to graft than others. The saying is “Apple is so easy to graft you can throw a stick at it and it will take”. Some of easiest species are apple, pear, and persimmon. One of the hardest to graft is heartnut. It is good to practice on easy to find wood before you do your first graft attempt. Practice always helps. 

Tom’s favorite grafting method, Barn Door (Mega-Chip), is highlighted in the paper Barn Door Graft .  A more complete write up of grafting techniques is available in the paper Practical Grafting  . 

Videos: You can watch Tom Wahl  gathering scion wood; demonstrating the barn door graft; and caring for grafts in the videos below.  The Savanna Institute hosted a one-hour Facebook/Zoom meeting with Tom using these videos. The recording of that presentation with the Q & A is below.

Gathering Scionwood

Barn door graft

Graft care

Facebook presentation 

The bud from scionwood in place on rootstock using the Barn door or Megachip-double-flap grafting method. This was a beginner’s graft and not perfect.