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Tree Seedlings Available for 2021

Peach chestnut seedlings, May 2020

We now have a great line up of trees available to reserve or order.

The May freezes the Spring of 2020 has affected what we have available to grow 2021. We will not be able to offer many of our own selections this year (Red Fern Super, QingSu, Shotgun). For the same reason we will not have heartnuts to sell later this year.   We do have seedlings of  some of the very best cultivars available. Although “open pollinated”, their most likely pollinizers are other good Chinese cultivars. This greatly increases the likelihood that the seedlings will be as good or even better than their parents. We fully expect that many new, superior cultivars will result form these seedlings.

Chestnut Peach seedlings mid-July, 2019.

We also have pawpaw and persimmon seedlings available to reserve. Availability of each varieties changes through the summer as people place orders and we pot up more or less trees than we predicted. If we are sold out of a variety you want, contact us to be put on a waiting list for that tree. Let us know how we can help you out. – Kathy

4 thoughts on “Tree Seedlings Available for 2021”

    1. Jim, You can preorder right now on this website. Depending on if you are using a computer or telephone the trees we have available will show up on the left of your screen (desktop) or way down at the bottom (phone). Look for “Trees and More for sale”. Links to the chestnut seedlings start at and what we have available for pawpaws is at . I hope this helps. – Kathy

  1. If you have a good crop of chestnuts this year, do you plan on selling any nut seeds in the fall? I’d like to buy some Qings to start from seed but I cannot find any for sale.


    1. Bradley, Yes, if we have a good crop we will be selling a variety of chestnut seed nuts from our farm. We did sell chestnut seed nuts last fall also, but for only a very short time. Once we have an idea what our crop will be like, we open our website for orders. We take orders up a date in November, harvesting based on our orders. We have to ship chestnut seed nuts no later than late November since the seed nuts can freeze and die during shipping. So come December, we closed down the ordering window.

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