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Farm Visits:

Our Field Days were getting too big for us to handle (over 70 people showed up for the 2010 field day). Our solution was Farm Visits. These mini field days are limited to 10 - 12 people who pre-register and run from 1:00 - 5:00 on a Saturday afternoon.

They start out on our big front porch with hand outs and snacks. Tom then gives a tour of interesting trees around the house followed by a short break with snacks and questions back on the porch. He then heads over to the big chestnut orchard/Aronia berry field for more discussion.

The topic of each day is dependent on the questions asked by the participants. Feel free to bring a portable lawn chair\, note pad or recording device. Topics often include selection, planting, care, harvesting and marketing of persimmons, pawpaw, hazels, Asian pear, blue berries, Aronia Berries, heartnut and Chestnut. It is a lot of ground to cover (figuratively and literally).

Dates for 2015 Farm Visits:
April 18 
May 23  
June 20
September 12
Call or email to reserve a spot: 319/729-5905 or .



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