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Note: scion wood is NOT a tree
We offer high quality scion wood at $5/linear foot. Quantities of some varieties are limited. Scion wood will be carefully labeled and shipped early spring. Call or email for clarification about shipping times. Some scion wood will be shipped while actively growing for green-wood grafting. Detailed grafting instructions are also available at our website.

Deadline for orders is March 1

Nut Trees:
Heartnut: Imshu, Grimo, Mitchell
Walnut: Sparks 129, Hay
Chestnuts: Mossbarger, Luvall’s Monster, Qing, Gideon, Amy (unavailable for 2017), Szego, Auburn Super, Peach, Shotgun, Sleeping Giant (unavailable for 2017)

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Imshue; Pyke; CW3; Grimo; Mitchell


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