Apple Scion Wood – Closed for 2020


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Note: scion wood is NOT a  tree
We offer high quality scion wood for grafting at $5/linear foot. Quantities of some varieties are limited. Scion wood will be carefully labeled and shipped early spring. Call or email for clarification about shipping times. Some scion wood will be shipped while actively growing for green-wood grafting. Detailed grafting instructions are also available at our website.

Deadline for orders February 15

Apple, Heirloom: (Deadline for ordering is February 15)
Ashmead’s Kernel – Intensely flavored desert or cider apple.
Chestnut Crab – 2” apple for fresh baking or for applesauce, very sweet.
Cox’s Orange Pippen – All purpose apple said to have the most complex and best flavor of any apple in the world.
Esopus Spitzenburg – Highly flavored dessert and cider apple. Thomas Jefferson’s favorite variety.
Northern Spy – Large, flavorful, all purpose apple. One of the most famous of all
Roxbury Russet – Excellent dessert and cider apple. This is the first named apple variety in North America, and dates back 400 years.
Wealthy – Excellent all purpose apple. Extra cold hardy and especially good for pies.
Wickson – Intensely flavored crab apple, especially good for fresh eating and cider.
Wolf River – A gigantic apple good for pies.
Golden Russet – Another great dessert and cider apple.

Apple Modern: (Deadline for ordering is February 15)
Karmijin de Sonneville – From a cross between Cox’s Orange Pippin and Jonathan, a highly flavored dessert apple.
Liberty – Highly resistant to the worst apple diseases: apple scab, cedar apple rust and fire blight. This is a good apple for fresh eating and cider.

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Ashmead’s Kernel, Cox’s Orange Pippen, Dabinette, Northern Spy, Roxbury Russet, Wealthy, Wolf River, Karmijin de Sonneville, Liberty, Esopus Spitzenburg, Kingston Black


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