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Field Day at Red Fern Farm Saturday, July 20th

We will be having a field day with the help of the Savanna Institute on Saturday, July 20, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. We are limiting this to just 50 people. The field day is free, but you do need to pre-register at: .

During the afternoon we will be touring the groves of chestnut trees, pawpaws, American persimmons, Asian pears, heartnuts and much more. We will also discuss how we market using you-pick for our fruit and nuts. We will not be talking about our tree nursery or how to raise trees (that is a field day in itself). Part of the afternoon will be spent discussing the damage our trees took with the recent

Chestnut tree on June 14 showing damage from severe weather.

volatile weather and our plans for replanting dead or dying trees.

This will be a relaxed, low key field day with lots of time for questions and answers and touring the groves. Feel free to contact us with your questions but head to the Savanna Institutes website to register at – Kathy Dice

Rain or shine we hold our field days. How we look after 3 hours of drizzle during a field day.

Nut and Fruit Growers Unite in Iowa City in Late July, 2019

A great conference will be held in Southeast Iowa at the end of July 2019.  the Northern Nut Growers Association (NNGA) and North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX) will be holding a joint conference at the Graduate Hotel in Iowa City, Iowa from Sunday July 28 to Wednesday July 31. You can see more details on the NNGA’s website at . The cheapest, early bird registration fees, end July 3rd, so check it out soon. You can still register up to the day of the conference.The conference will include over 40 speakers with topics on hazels, chestnuts, sour cherries, pawpaw, walnuts, currants, pears and more.  Tom Wahl will be helping with a grafting presentation along with talking about seedling versus grafted chestnut trees.  Registration is open and there are many options. You can attend one day and skip dinners or splurge and take all the offers to network with other nut and fruit tree growers. Contact Kathy at if you have questions.  – Kathy Dice