Chestnut Seed Nuts available again for November 2018

We have collected all the chestnut seed nuts for this fall and Tom has calculated what he needs for growing trees in our nursery for 2018. We know exactly what we have available for sale this fall for chestnut seed nuts. If you are interested in seed nuts, you have one month to place  your order. To avoid freezing temperatures and damaging sprouted chestnuts, we will ship seed nut orders only in November. We only have a few pounds of some varieties like Red Fern Super, Auburn Super,  and Luvall’s Monster. Place your order soon. If you miss the November deadline for shipping, you can pick up seed nuts, if still available, from our farm in December and January. [As of November 22, 2018 we only have Mossbarger, Gideon and Peach left – Kathy]

4 thoughts on “Chestnut Seed Nuts available again for November 2018”

    1. Jason, I’m glad you found that you can order chestnut seed nuts right now off our website. – Kathy

  1. Hi, I live in Missouri near KC and was curious if you knew of any that did well in the hot humid Midwest. If so do you have any seed from those varieties left in stock?
    Thanks, Roy Wilson

    1. Roy, Peach, Mossbarger and Gideon all do well in the hot, humid Midwest. All three of these varieties are doing well in the Center of Agroforestry production trials near Columbia, Missouri. Peach has been getting the best reviews the past two years. At this time we have all three still available but our window for shipping is closing rapidly. Depending on weather this coming Monday and Tuesday may be the last dates that we ship from here to avoid freezing the nuts in transport (sustained temperatures of 26 degrees). IF you order for this year place your order before Monday and pay using the website so we can ship almost immediately.

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