Ordering Trees for 2019

We will be updating our website as to what trees will be available for purchase in 2019 around the end of November, 2018.  At that time we will know what our seed supply looks like for chestnuts, heartnuts, pecans, pawpaws, and persimmons. Also in November we  count the trees we plan to make available for bare-root in April of 2019.  The only chestnut variety we will have available as bare-root trees in April 2019 will be Mossbarger.

Each year we will have limited number of some varieties of chestnut tree seedlings. Some will sell out very quickly. All trees we sell are good  for Iowa and usually for adjacent states. Pay attention to hardiness and know your growing zone.  – Kathy

6 thoughts on “Ordering Trees for 2019”

  1. Interested in knowing what seedling trees you will have available in 2019. My wife and I (retired) live on a small lot in town, so we are looking for small growing, hardy, disease resistant, good tasting nut & fruit varieties for Hican, pecan, hickory, hazelnut, butternut, English Walnut, Cherry, Apple, PawPaw trees or shrubs.
    I know about Oikos tree farm in Michigan, so would appreciate a recommendation of varieties you would recommend but don’t currently carry for 2019. Thank you.

    1. James,
      What is your hardiness zone? Any idea of the soil drainage? Do you have sunny and shady spots you are filling? – Kathy

    1. Not until December 1st. It will take some time to estimate how much scionwood we can harvest from the trees.

  2. look for bare root for 2019 pawpaw -chestnut-heartnut im in Keokuk Iowa bordering misouri and Illinoise zone5 my cell309-337-5940

    1. Robert, We will not have any bare-rooted chestnut trees available for April of 2019 on the website. (We sold too many of our chestnut trees the summer of 2018 to save any for bare-root shipping.) The same is true for bare-root heartnut trees. We will have pawpaw and persimmon available to ship as bare-rooted trees April of 2019 and many potted trees the summer of 2019. – Kathy

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