Red Fern Farm

Welcome to our New Website

We’ve been working hard to move all our information from the old site and alow for ordering on-line. It’s been exciting.

Posts or Writtings from the farm can be found by clicking on the “Writing from Red Fern Farm” on the left. The “Helpful Information” button above can lead you to a wealth of information.  We are also proud of all the items you can now purchase with a few clicks of your keyboard.  Let us know of any problems you spot.

If you missed the Chestnut Conference in Letts, Iowa on February 11, 2017 you can still watch the speakers videos thanks to Iowa State Universtiy Extension – Louisa County.

Red Fern Farm is a family owned nursery and farm, located in southeast Iowa, run and owned by Tom Wahl and Kathy Dice. It is the site of ongoing research on a variety of tree crops and forest farming systems. We raise and sell container grown tree seedlings and medicinal planting roots well suited for the Midwest.

We offer a variety of trees and advice on their planting and care. We would be happy to answer your questions. Pleae check out the information available on this website. To visit our nursery, research project, or to pick up trees, please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

One of our goals is to promote sustainable agriculture. We are pretty passionate about the role of trees in this. Tom has lectured about his study and the use of tree crops. If you are interested in using him for a speaker, give us a call.

You can contact us at :

13882 I Ave
Wapello, IA 52653

Tom Wahl and Kathy Dice Red Fern Farm Iowa